Season rating:

High season = June through Mid-September

Mid season = April through May, & Late September to October

Low season = November to March



Price List Weddings (Friday afternoon to Sunday rentals):

Season:                                          Low season  Mid Season        High Season

Small Barn*                                     $500                     $750                     $1,000

Wedding Venue **                          $2,000                 $2,500                 $3,500


*Small barn no sound system allowed on Saturdays as to not interfere with main wedding venue.

**When renting main wedding venue, small barn available for ½ of listed rate to lock up the entire farm for respective weekend.


Price List for Week Day Rentals (Monday to Thursday):

Season:                                           Low season  Mid Season        High Season

Small Barn                                      $250                     $300                     $350

Wedding Venue                              $750                     $750                     $750

Patio heaters:  $75/heater