History of Oregon Coastal Flowers

Hydrangea Ranch

Dec 16

Monika & Patrick meet in Switzerland in the summer of 1994.

In 1994, after graduating from college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, studying Dairy Science with a minor in Ag Business, Patrick went to Switzerland to work for six months on a dairy farm and cheese factory.  Monika Zawada was studying horticulture at Agriculture Academy in Lublin Poland, was also..Read More

Apr 06
Apr 07

Artichoke planting of 50 acres.

in 1996, fresh out of college, Patrick Zweifel planted 50 acres of artichokes in a partnership.  That year, April 6, Patrick & Monika Zweifel got married, during the artichoke planting season (our honeymoon was short)

Jun 20

Start roadside flower stand.

In the summer of 1996, Patrick & Monika started a roadside stand selling annual and perennial plants. This operated for only 2 years.

Sep 17

We plant our first hydrangeas.

We planted our first hydrangeas in the spring/summer of 1998.  We propagated in a greenhouse and then planted our first outdoor crop in September on my father’s dairy farm on 3rd St.  We planted blue, white, and purple varieties.  We planted our own crop of artichokes–20 acres–renting land from Bub..Read More

Sep 15

Monika graduates from Oregon State with horticulture degree.

In 1999 we planted our first calla lilies.  We started with one acre of large white calla lilies (Zantedeschia aethiopica).  The next year we started our first colored calla lilies (Zantedeschia hybrids).  Monika took her horticulture degree from Poland and took 1.5 year of classes at Oregon State to have..Read More

Dec 20

Form strategic alliance with New Zealand Calla Company.

2000 was a busy year.  We form a strategic alliance with Bloomz, a leading New Zealand calla lily company.  We become their favored US grower of new varieties of calla lilies and help distribute their product world wide.  Here is a photo of Bloomz with their associate from Japan as..Read More

Dec 13

Baby Nina is born & we buy our new farm up the Kilchis River.

2001 was a busy year.  We buy our farm, 64 acres of beautiful land up the Kilchis River, which is now  known as the Hydrangea Ranch.  1 month later baby Nina is born.  Our farmer’s markets  continue to expand.  We now sell at garden shows.  We also add vegetables to..Read More

Dec 18

Oregon Coastal Flowers is largest producer of colored calla lily cut flowers in the US.

By 2002 we have established ourselves as the country’s largest producer of colored calla lily cut flowers shipping nationwide.  We have a major elk problem on our farm.  The elk cross our fields twice per day and we have to try to break this habit, we applied for a US..Read More

Dec 17

Exhibit our calla lilies in the Javits Center in New York City.

In 2003 we exhibit our calla lilies in the Javits Center in New York City.  Companies were exhibiting from all around the world and visitors came from all around the world as well.  In 2001, Sept. 11th, we were on a plane to New York City to this same flower..Read More

Dec 22

We introduce black calla lilies into the U.S. market. Patrick visits and partners with farm in Colombia, South America.

As our farm continues to develop into on of the nation’s premier supplier of calla lilies and hydrangeas, we continue expanding our flower markets, farmer’s markets, and flower shows.  We rent a truck and drive our products all the way to the Philadelphia Flower Show (3 day drive!).  We also..Read More

Dec 15

OCF ships flowers to all 50 states as well as London, Hong Kong, and India. Collaborates with South American growers with trip to Colombia & Equador.

IN 2005 we ship our flowers and bulbs to all 50 states and as far away as London, Hong Kong, and India.  We meet with growers from South America to offer them cultural help in return for access to purchase flowers since they can produce calla lilies year round.  Our..Read More

Dec 21

OCF sells in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Cincinnati Flower Shows

We have reached full saturation in regards to flower shows in winter and early spring. We exhibit and sell our flowers and bulbs at these retail flower shows including Portland, Eugene, Seattle, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and Washington D.C.  The show season starts late January and extends to early March and sometimes..Read More

Dec 19

Patrick visits New Zealand flower growers. OCF adds peonies and gloriosa lilies to the mix. Flower show in Cartegena, Colombia.

2007 started with a trip to New Zealand to visit flower growers in the Southern Hemisphere.  It was a great educational trip for Patrick to be able to see leaders in the floral industry. We have started to diversify the farm, planting peonies and gloriosa lilies.  We are the only..Read More

Dec 11

We ship our first crop of Peonies prior to Mother’s Day. We source additional peonies from all around Northwest to ship nationwide.

WE enjoy our first crop of peonies, we timed the Mother’s Day Market perfectly. We cover about 50% of our peonies so that we get flowers prior to Mother’s Day. If we don’t cover, they won’t bloom until after the holiday, and they are only worth 1/3 the amount. Nina..Read More

Dec 18

OCF opens up booth in the Los Angeles Flower Market & holds the first wedding on the Hydrangea Ranch.

As usual, we stay kind of busy here.  We opened up the year with a new venture–we opened up a booth in the Los Angeles Flower Market.  The LA Flower Market is made up of two full city blocks in Los Angeles.  We started out by driving our 18′ box..Read More

Dec 16

Hydrangea Ranch builds 30′ x 40′ open sided pavilion and hosts wedding & class reunion.

2010 is most significantly marked with the demise of the calla lily market. South American growers have really bumped up their production and they can offer their calla lilies year round and for about 25% the cost of what we’re trying to sell them for. We are faced with the..Read More

Dec 22

OCF loses 85% of calla lily income over 3 years. Kilchis River Pumpkin Patch is born.

It’s been a challenging year financially. It takes time to change, plant crops, and then make money doing it, so we are working hard to diversify. Flowering branches is very intriguing to us now. We are cutting flowering branches early, putting them in climate controlled rooms to force blooming early,..Read More

Oct 17
Dec 13

Our first corn maze. OCF helps organize Seattle Wholesale Growers Market.

We continue to diversify our offerings.  2012 is marked by our first corn maze with the design below.  We book 6 wedding this summer.  We continue shipping our hydrangeas and specialty cut flowers & forest products, as well as our flowering branches across the country. Because of our success in..Read More

Oct 16
Dec 20

OCF introduces Pistacio Hydrangea & holds 1st ever Ultimook Race

In 2013 Oregon Coastal Flowers continues to diversify with products as well as agritourism focus.  Some of the crops added this year:  snowball viburnum, snowberries, ornamental kale, limelight hydrangeas, viburnum berries, and many more.  We plant our first pistacio hydrangeas which is a major part of our hydrangea offerings (as..Read More

Oct 15
Dec 18

OCF finds new niche with Flowering Branches and Agritourism.

Oregon Coastal Flowers has developed into one of the country’s premier suppliers of flowering branches.  The Chinese New Year is the busiest season of the year (late January or early February–different each year).  For the Chinese New Year we sell forsythia, quince, tulip magnolia, peach, and pussy willow.  By the..Read More

Oct 14
Dec 16

OCF introduces yellow magnolia, pink snowball viburnum, &

In 2015 we continue introducing new products to the marketplace–many of which are being developed and offered for the first time from Oregon Coastal Flowers.  These include yellow tulip magnolia, pink snowball viburnum, and double red quince.  We are busy planting the Hydrangea Ranch with the most profitable and best..Read More

Oct 19
Dec 14

Tillamook Cross Country wins State. Lunaria & double flowering petaled hydrangeas introduced.

Tillamook High School girls cross country team wins state for the first time every, the 4th state title for the combined cross country program.  The Hydrangea Ranch is home to the THS XC team. Kilchis River Pumpkin Patch continues to develop boasting of the largest corn maze on the Oregon..Read More

Oct 19
Dec 21

Hydrangea Ranch pivots into OR Coast’s premier farm recreational events center. OCF is a leader in the industry.

2017 is marked by a 2nd straight girls cross country state title in one of the lowest point total ever at the State meet. The Ultimook Race additionally hosts nearly 100 teams from across the Northwest. The Hydrangea Ranch hosts 9 weddings this summer. While the public eye mostly only..Read More