Melody Fairchild Girls Running Camp July 5 to July 10.  See more info here.

Melody Fairchild, one of America’s fastest high school girl runners ever, has spent the last two decades empowering girls with self-knowledge and tools to remain healthy and happy.

We teach about and discuss Women’s physiology and how running impacts it, and how physiology impacts the running. “live to run and run to live…” and also “eat to run, not run to eat.”

We place great emphasis on strengthening our relationship with ourselves, through journaling, meditation, body awareness and intuitive eating. When girls are confident in themselves, trusting their instincts, they will be the best team mates and contributors to their community, they can be.

She takes a comprehensive approach to life and running, addressing the unique issues adolescent girls face in today’s culture, as well as the latest research on training and nutrition. Set your compass for success and satisfaction for the upcoming XC season! Find the edge you are looking for, to access your full potential as a runner.

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