2010 is most significantly marked with the demise of the calla lily market. South American growers have really bumped up their production and they can offer their calla lilies year round and for about 25% the cost of what we’re trying to sell them for. We are faced with the decision to keep growing or grow without–we decide to phase out calla lily production and focus on diversity of our product lines. We feature flowering branches for the first time.  We continue to add more products.  See photos of all of today’s photos here.

Brownie, our beloved white and brown dog is new to the family in 2010 (still living as of 2020).

We build an 30′ by 40′ open sided pavilion (used in wedding today) and hosted our second wedding.  It rained all week and heavily all day of the wedding.  I pulled cars out of the field with my tractor until 2 A.M., but don’t worry there was enough alcohol around and everyone had fun, even thoughs who got stuck in the mud.  We additionally host my 20 year class reunion (class of 1990).