2017 is marked by a 2nd straight girls cross country state title in one of the lowest point total ever at the State meet. The Ultimook Race additionally hosts nearly 100 teams from across the Northwest. The Hydrangea Ranch hosts 9 weddings this summer.

While the public eye mostly only sees the recreational value of the Hydrangea Ranch, behind the  scenes Oregon Coastal Flowers is a leading specialty cut flower supplier throughout the United States.  They provide a large percentage of the flowering branches used in the nationwide market.  Additionally, they are known as the main source of white peonies in the US–by sourcing white peonies from all around the Northwest.  We are large enough to be able to provide a reliable, consistent supply, but small enough to manage the product well and provide a high quality.  We ship Fedex daily and air cargo 2-3 days per week as well as use available floral truck lines.  We ship a 53′ truck to the Los Angeles market 50 weeks a year.

You can see the variety of floral products below and how it differs from 18 years ago.  18 years ago we grew monoculturally, meaning we specialized in just 2 crops, calla lilies and hydrangeas.  It was our belief that if we could become experts in just 1-2 crops and do it better than anyone else, that was the avenue toward greater profits.  That’s a great plan as long as you’re able to sell all that you can grow.  But when the market drops for one of these products, it really makes you suffer financially.  It is my belief now it was a mistake to grow monoculturally, we should have diversified much earlier.  Thankfully, after we lost 85% of our income in 3 years for calla lilies due to market changes, we were able to pivot quickly into a long list of products that they cannot produce in South America.  If you they grow something in South America, then they can do it cheaper–maybe not better–but many people shop only by price.

We have a philosophy of treating our customers like family and we want to always be 100% honest with them.  This is unique in the floral business and has provided us with a lot of loyal customers.  Our customer list continues to grow each year.