2001 was a busy year.  We buy our farm, 64 acres of beautiful land up the Kilchis River, which is now  known as the Hydrangea Ranch.  1 month later baby Nina is born.  Our farmer’s markets  continue to expand.  We now sell at garden shows.  We also add vegetables to our offerings.  Looking back, i’m not sure how we managed to do all these things…..

2001, besides the excitement of our new baby Nina, and purchasing a farm, it was very stressful.  We had a artichoke crop failure on our new farm.  Additionally, when we were at the bank to sign papers for our mortgage, we did not know there were closing costs associated with buying a farm.  We were not prepared for that.  We were scared–and signed papers, and when we got home these elk were in our crops destroying what crops we did have that year.  We started planting hydrangeas and calla lilies on our new farm, but also continued renting ground as we transitioned to the new farm.