In 2003 we exhibit our calla lilies in the Javits Center in New York City.  Companies were exhibiting from all around the world and visitors came from all around the world as well.  In 2001, Sept. 11th, we were on a plane to New York City to this same flower show, however, we were turned around in mid-air after the attacks on New York City.  Here are some photos from this trip.

Colored calla lilies are very prone to disease.  Tillamook is a great place to grow these tubers because of the mild climate here (they don’t like it too hot) and the beautiful well draining soil.  Additionally, OCF has developed many innovative disease control methods to help with disease control.  We use a compost tea application once per week injected into our drip lines.  Compost tea is a 24 hr. brew of very good compost.  We extract the microbiology from the compost and inject with our irrigation via the compost tea.  We additionally add trichoderma to the tea, a type of bacterium shown to have great protection for the root zone of calla lilies (as well as other plants).