2000 was a busy year.  We form a strategic alliance with Bloomz, a leading New Zealand calla lily company.  We become their favored US grower of new varieties of calla lilies and help distribute their product world wide.  Here is a photo of Bloomz with their associate from Japan as well. 

We harvest our first commercial crop of colored calla lilies.  We had a lot of help from our family, my Dad, Mom, and brother Karl.  Even Kyle is seen here in the photo.

We continue selling our flowers and bulbs all across Oregon and now into Vancouver, WA, 10 farmer’s markets each Saturday.  But now we start shipping our flowers wholesale, selling our calla lilies nationwide.  Here is our first hydrangea crop planted in the forest of my father’s farm.

We were lucky that Monika’s grandfather from Poland, who was over 80 years old was able to visit us for a few months this year.