Oregon Coastal Flowers has developed into one of the country’s premier suppliers of flowering branches.  The Chinese New Year is the busiest season of the year (late January or early February–different each year).  For the Chinese New Year we sell forsythia, quince, tulip magnolia, peach, and pussy willow.  By the first of February we move into offering white and pink cherry, plum, apricot, and flowering dogwood.  Our niche is that we force them to the stage just prior to opening–and then ship to the customer so they can be opened quickly at the consumer end point.  We can extend a selling season from 2 weeks to 4 months (for some products).  We added hop vines this year, sourcing these 18′ vines from the Willamette Valley.

As usual, OCF is innovative and always looking for the next great product.  We have introduced a double flowering quince this year in red, orange, and pink.  They are thorn less and in high demand for the Chinese New Year.

We continue expanding our manufactured forest products, offering organic wedding arches, cake platters, etc.

Patrick is having a lot of success coaching and has found his calling.