In 2018 Oregon Coastal Flowers introduces black tulip magnolia branches into the floral market. We have planted nearly 500 of these trees on our farm. A very small 2′ tree goes for $65, wow! That’s why it’s so frustrating when a tourism runs over one! Please be careful. We are excited about the future of the black tulip magnolia. We sell tulip magnolia branches in lavender, purple, yellow, cream, white, blush, and black (very dark purple).

We upped our game with the pumpkin patch by offering a haunted maze the last weekend of the maze.

We decided to build a small barn to be a part of the pumpkin patch.  We started milling the wood in Nov/Dec. of 2018 and will construct next year in 2019.  The wood came from my father’s farm and we milled the wood ourselves.