In 2013 Oregon Coastal Flowers continues to diversify with products as well as agritourism focus.  Some of the crops added this year:  snowball viburnum, snowberries, ornamental kale, limelight hydrangeas, viburnum berries, and many more.  We plant our first pistacio hydrangeas which is a major part of our hydrangea offerings (as of 2020).

We host our first ever Ultimook Race, in it’s first year hosting 46 teams. Kids run through a mud pit, 2 river crossings, a monster hill, and of course fields of flowers.  Patrick views his farm the same as a painter’s canvas, and he says he’s “painting his masterpiece.”  He’s designing his plantings more in a landscaping fashion rather than sanitary fields of flowers.

Nina Zweifel is turning out to be quite a swimmer, breaking a lot of records and we spend a lot of time traveling to swim meets.