In 2015 we continue introducing new products to the marketplace–many of which are being developed and offered for the first time from Oregon Coastal Flowers.  These include yellow tulip magnolia, pink snowball viburnum, and double red quince.  We are busy planting the Hydrangea Ranch with the most profitable and best selling cut flowers we can find.

One of the benefits of selling at the Los Angeles Flower Market is that we sell products from all around the Northwest.  We are able to see what sells best and what sells for the most profit.  Over time you can see trends and use this information for planting only the most lucrative crops on our farm.  Other products we can buy when the demand is good and not buy when the demand is slow.

We have started the Ultimook Running Camp–kids come from all over the country to our farm and the Oregon Coast for a unique and inspiring running camp.

See a photo of the track here in 2015 and then again in 2020.  See how much it has grown in 5 years.  What will it look like in 2025?