We have reached full saturation in regards to flower shows in winter and early spring. We exhibit and sell our flowers and bulbs at these retail flower shows including Portland, Eugene, Seattle, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and Washington D.C.  The show season starts late January and extends to early March and sometimes into April.  We ship fedex daily from the farm and we ship using air cargo three times per week.  Here is a photo of our Isuzu box truck full of flower boxes ready to go the the airport:

Here is a photo of an elk herd on our property on the Kilchis River.  The maple tree is the center of the track that now exists.  Here is a photo of the elk in 2006 and then a photo of the track in 2020.  The old maple tree fell over and died shortly after 2006, but we have a new tree started in its exact spot.

We harvest our calla lilies every Monday and Thursday and harvest our hydrangeas on Tuesday and Friday.  Wednesday we use as a maintenance day to take care of all the weeds or special projects on the farm.