As our farm continues to develop into on of the nation’s premier supplier of calla lilies and hydrangeas, we continue expanding our flower markets, farmer’s markets, and flower shows.  We rent a truck and drive our products all the way to the Philadelphia Flower Show (3 day drive!).  We also start selling 6 days a week into the Portland Flower Market.  In coordination with Bloomz, a leading New Zealand calla lily breeder, we introduce Hot Chocolate, a black calla lily with a black stem into the United States market.

In 2003 we planted our yard with topiary plants. Here it is a year later in 2004 during an Easter Egg hunt and then again in 2019.

Here is a photo of Nina and her cousin Sophie overlooking our current apple orchard.  It brings back to memory a photo my grandfather had on the wall of a small boy on a farm in overalls saying “You’ve been farming long.”

Here are photos from Patrick’s trip to Colombia: