Twins Ranch Catering helps people have the event they want with the good, quality food they desire.


“Whatever event folks are hosting, we have a range of cooking for those events,” Twins Ranch Owner Larry Oswald said. “We developed menus that are good quality, tastes great, and are affordable.”


Larry and his wife Cindy have a long history in the cooking industry.


“We worked for a major restaurant chain, but things changed and we had to change course,” Larry said. “We took our careers in a number of different things including construction and became involved with government too.


Though their passion for cooking remained.


While living in Nevada, they purchased a mobile kitchen, developed a menu, and were able to turn a profitable business catering at events and conventions.


Then, Larry’s job with the Oregon State Parks brought the family out to the Oregon Coast.


“When we came out to Oregon, we tried to continue what we were doing in Nevada,” Larry said. “As a side business, that’s when we looked into weddings and a few other things.”


Larry and Cindy found a niche working with people in the greater Tillamook area.


“We made it affordable to put on an event,” Larry said. “There’s only a few people who do event catering here in town. We put together packages that have tents, tables, chairs, and dance floors.”


All catering is event specific.


“We cook all from scratch, no packaged anything. It’s cooked by us, any menu you want. Whatever the thing you think you want, we can do,” Larry said.  “We had a wedding that wanted a taco bar, another wanted BBQ and we did pulled pork. We pulled our mobile kitchen to the beach to serve fish and chips for a bachelor party.”


Twins Ranch Catering is also a huge partner for weddings, events, and the Ultimook Running Camps hosted at the Hydrangea Ranch.  See about the Ultimook Running Camp here.


As the primary catering for Ultimook Running Camp, Twins Ranch Catering provides roughly 150-plus athletes with three meals a day for several week-long running camps during the summer.


Twins Ranch famous kettle corn can also be purchased at the Kilchis River Pumpkin Patch.  See more about the Kilchis River Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze here.


“Working a lot of events and making our company what it is, is not really looking at huge profits, but doing it so it serves the community.”


You’ll also find Twins Ranch Catering aboard the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad scenic dinner train rides, and at employee dinners for the Tillamook County Creamery.


But Larry and Cindy didn’t stop with just catering. They went on to create Twins Ranch Covered Wagon Campground.


“When I came out here [Tillamook] there wasn’t a lot of property for sale,” Larry said. “There was this piece of property that we have that is 20 acres. I noticed that there wasn’t a family tent camping option here.”


So, the Oswalds put together a plan to create primitive campsites and…covered wagons.


“People come from all over the world, who have never stayed in a covered wagon, and it’s an experience that they have to try,” Larry said. “When you see the kids in the covered wagons, they are just overwhelmed with the experience that they just get to sleep in a covered wagon.”


During the summer of 2021, Larry and Cindy also created Twins Ranch Rail Riders where visitors can ride pedal carts on the railroad tracks along the Tillamook Coast. The business is seasonal and open during the late/spring, summer months.

For more information on Twins Ranch Catering, Covered Wagons, and Rail Riders, visit their website: